About Silver 925

Silver is a soft white metallic element and is considered as one of the most useful and beautiful objects of the world.Silver jewelry ranks next to gold.Thus, it is known today as the " JEWELRY OF THE MILLENIUM "

WHAT IS STERLING SILVER?Sterling silver means high quality or genuine.Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver thus is the only silver allowed by International law to be named sterling silver.

WHY 92.5% SILVER NOT PURE?Sterling silver contain 92.5% only because 99.9% pure silver would be too soft to stand up under constant wear.So, it is mixed with 7.5 copper to from an alloy before made into commercial articles.You can be sure that all jewelries offered here are guaranteed 92.5% sterling silver.

IS OUR SILVER HYPO-ALLERGENIC?Yes, our silver won't irritate your skin. Other silver jewelries contains nickel or are made from old coins which are 75% silver only.These kinds are allergenic and cannot easily be determined unless the item is ASSAY TESTED.Some would simply put a mark of 92.5% to mislead you,so beware!

Sterling silver remains as beautiful as it is for lifetime. However, since your jewelry is exposed to air and pollution, it will become antique looking or it will lack luster. Thus, it is necessary to clean silver properly by either using metal polish for plain works & toothpaste or little baking soda + boil hot water for plain and filigree works. You can use any kind of silver liquid cleaner.